Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

Hi! My name is Peaches, but you can call me Peach. I live in a nice house with a big back yard with 4 humans and 2 other fur kids. I came from Illinois Birddog Rescue. There are a lot of nice people who work with the rescue and a lot of nice dogs too!


My day

Mom says I'm spoiled, I'm not sure what that means, but this is how I spend my morning after I eat. I lay in bed for a little while, but not for long. I go outside with Aria and Socrates, the other two furkids that live here. On most days I go for at least one walk to the pond and swim and chase the ducks. I love when the school bus full of kids comes by to pet me everyday. Imagine all those kids coming out of that bus just to pet me! Also I enjoy when mom takes me to Petco to get my food. She says I'm a picky eater, but I love Natural Balance. Sometimes before Petco she takes me to the dog park, its just down the street from Petco and I can't believe all the humans that go there to pet me and there furkids want to play with me! And every night after Aria gets her massage for her hips, I wait right in line behind her for mine too!


One of my favorite spots

This is how I like to warm up in the winter. When its cold outside I come back in and sometimes I sleep by the fireplace or just stand and warm up.



I love to wear pretty collars. My foster mom, Yukiko, made the pretty one with the flowers for me. I think Socrates likes my hearts and bows collars, he is kissing me and the purple collar was for Aria, but I liked it and put my head through it while mom was trying to adjust it, so she let me wear it. I also love to wear my e-collar that means I'm going some place fun, like the dog park or to a home visit with mom to see if a house is a good place for a dog to live. Usually I get to run around a new backyard and a lot of treats. Some houses have other dogs for me to play with too.


Peach and Aria

This is Aria, she was here when I got here. She always lets me play with her toys. But I know I have to play gentle with her she is going to be 13 years old next week. We love to play tug of war together.


Peach and Socrates

This is Socrates, he lives here too. He came here after I did. Mom said she heard about him from the same rescue I came from. When he came here he didn't know how to play with me or my toys, and was afraid of everything. But now he plays with my toys and runs around the yard with me. When his back is turned I bite his tail or back legs to get him to keep playing and running. He is a lot of fun now. Mom said I taught him how to be a dog.



This is Natalie and Dylan, two of the humans in the house. I sleep in Dylan's bed every night. And of course the other fur kids you've already met, Socrates and Aria. Christmas was fun! So many presents! My favorite was the Duck and Potato treats Santa brought for me.


Meet Peaches